The Road to a Quality Apprenticeship

| 23 March 2022

As many employers are now back to someway being in a position to grow their workforce and acquire skilled and eager talent how do you ensure that you get this right from the off, making sure your apprentice(s) have an enjoyable and rich experience in your business?

Its not easy and not always possible but as an employer myself its about giving the due dedication for success. Employers from all sectors and all sizes from sole traders to multinational companies see the value in developing their workforce through the apprenticeship route.

 When you have committed to taking on an apprentice and found the right candidate(s) you have already spent valuable time and resources getting to this point, committing to taking on an apprentice is the start of a big investment, not just financially but in the resources that are needed to develop and support your apprentice throughout. Over 90% of apprentices that are successful in their apprenticeship stay on with the same employer on completion, this highlights the long term commitment and return on investment that businesses make and to some degree expect. Many of these apprentices’ progress on to a higher level apprenticeship and continue to bring continued benefit to the organisation in addition to shaping their career.

One of many considerations from an employer perspective is making sure the right support is in place and given by the right people in the business. Ultimately senior management/ the boss makes the decision on taking on an apprentice in the belief this is right for the business at this time and in supporting effective succession planning to grow the business, increase productivity and to some degree bring a fresh outlook. This buy-in and belief that apprenticeships are right for your organisation has to filter down the chain. Do others, those with direct responsibility for the apprentice(s) have the same mindset?  Unfortunately on occasions this isn’t the case, from my experience in delivering apprenticeships over 20+ years it’s those in the middle, the ones with direct supervisory/ management responsibilities to the apprentice that are the biggest barrier to that quality apprentice experience, It’s so important that all are involved from the very start.  

Apprenticeship training providers have and will do all they can to set the scene and ensure that you are fully aware of the commitment, not just what is expected of the apprentice and the apprenticeship training provider but just as importantly from you, the employer and all those in your organisation, in particular those that will be expected to support the apprentice(s) in the workplace.

There is a great deal to consider but get it right and the return on this commitment can bring great reward.

Visit which aims to support you in what to consider from the businesses’ needs through to celebration of your apprentice(s) achievement and further career progression. 

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